The Sky Arrow is a two place high-wing light aircraft with tandem seating. The airframe is constructed entirely from carbon fibre composite reinforced with Kevlar. It is manufactured in Italy by Iniziative Industriali Italiane S.p.A and is available fully assembled and certified from the factory, or in kit form. There are 14 on the UK register.

Power comes from a Rotax engine mounted in a pusher configuration, several different engines are in service on Sky Arrows, the Rotax 912, 912s and the turbocharged 914. The propeller is available in fixed or variable pitch, or with a constant speed unit. The undercarriage is fixed with differential braking on the main wheels.

In the cockpit, the tandem configuration provides unrivalled visibility for both occupants. The aircraft is controlled with a side stick mounted on the right of the cockpit and the throttle is on the left. The aircraft is flown from the front seat, but full flight controls are also fitted for the rear seat. 


       G-IOIA's instrument panel

In the UK the Sky Arrow is certified for daylight VFR only, and it is not cleared for aerobatics. The maximum take-off  weight is 650kg.

In the cabin there are two baggage holds with 45kg of weight allowance between them, the holds are not accessible during flight, but there is plenty of storage in the cockpit. The standard fuel tank holds 60 litres providing an endurance of over 3 hours and a range of about 300nm.

The Company

Iniziative Industriali Italiane S.p.A. was established in 1947 in Trieste, Italy under the name of Meteor S.p.A. They produced a number of small aircraft and gliders, then shifted their attention to the production of aerial  unmanned vehicles for military applications. In 1986 the company sold its military business and changed its name and began to develop the Sky Arrow as an aerial surveillance platform. They later decided also to offer it as a recreational aircraft, and there are versions specially equipped for environmental monitoring.




Float-plane version of the Sky Arrow

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Sky Arrow production facility, Rome


Speed Arrow - a prototype with retractable gear and cantilevered wing. Looks great, but it was too heavy for production



Mock-up of the 'F300' a four-seater aircraft designed by Stelio Frati. Looks fabulous, but will it ever make production? Don't hold your breath